In which I talk about hair again

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I’m baaaack and yes, I’m talking about hair again.  You see, Dear Readers, when I see a lovely pic on the interwebs I must right click and save.  Since I haven’t updated in a long time they’ve been amassing on my comp, so I spent a rainy Sunday making thematic posts about what I want to say to the wuhrld.

These are not to be confused with milkmaid braids or braided halos.  These are even less defined in scope than the aforementioned:  basically what I’m talking about here is a bun with a braid (or two) for decoration.

Some inspiration:


Photo credits: 1. Studded Hearts 2. Frida Fahrman 3. Ditto 4. Country Fucker 5. Patterson Maker 6. Miss Moss 7. Tumblr, unknown 8. Ditto 9. Ditto 10. Wildfox

P.s. My “r” key no longer works and my “a” is sticky and it is massively slowing down my writing, Facebooking and other general time wasting (note to self: don’t pour Nyquil in an itty bitty medicine cup…over you keyboard).  I’m having to write this on Word and then cutting and pasting – giving my spellcheck a run for its money.



Written by erinoffduty

April 1, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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