14,057 views and I’m making a move

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No, there is no relevance to posting this picture.  I just like it.  Photo Credit.

Dear Readers!  I’ve been loved 14,057 times on the internet aka how many page views I’ve gotten here to date.  Sure, sure.  That’s not a lot of internet terms, but considering that I neglected this place for months at a time (work, life etc.), only gave the link to a few friends and never promoted it….well that’s pretty good.  This place was mostly just for me, but a few of you let me know how you enjoyed it and that put a smile on my face.

I’ve made the move to Tumblr.  It’s just a lot faster and easier to post there.  You can find me here now on a more frequent basis:

I’m still sorting out all the ins and outs over there, but I hope it’ll be up in full swing soon.  Follow me, add me to your Google Readers etc.  Right now I’ve only really posted pictures I like (a big focus over here too), I’ll be doing more life/personal stuff too.

Don’t go unfollowing me here though dahlings!  I’m still loving this lovely place up and will be posting on it. I swear really!   Life/work has finally gotten settled enough I can get back to hobbies.  I’ve got  lots to share with you an will be shortly.




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October 31, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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