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As much as I’m an uber girlie-girl and really into colour and pattern (fucks sake my nails are sparkly pink on my hands and pink on my toes right now), I’m a big proponent of black.

I wouldn’t do a post like this on a sunny and clear day, but today feels appropriate (raining for days here – shoot me now).  All black is actually pretty interesting and makes for a good uniform for (daily) life.  Texture and silhouette adds interest.  Also, accessories (but did I really need to tell you that Dear Readers?).


Aviators were tired a few years ago, but they’ve felt current again for a while now once the oversized glasses finally died and went to heaven (until we bring them out again…ugg).

P.s. Isn’t the lighting in this photo soooo cool?   The way it sets her glasses/her off?

When in doubt add bike.

LBD win.

@ Acne.

Love the chest detail.  Makes an interest point for basic black,

More LBD win.  Love the high socks.

Love the different types of netting on the girls shirts/dresses or whatever the hell they’re wearing.  Looks cool!  (Also, prettiness all around).

Love the silhouette, but you’ve gotta be tall and thin to pull this off. Otherwise you just look like you’re being a witch for Halloween who got too drunk and lost her witch hat and broom.

Images via (from top to bottom):  The Sartorialist x2, Styleclicker, Caroline’s Mode, Lookbook, Style by Kling, Lina di Moda, Facehunter, Yvan Rodic, Studded Hearts.





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March 11, 2011 at 8:49 am

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