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Coloured hair is totally having a moment (well a little longer than a moment, but still).  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a conservative job so I could fuck up my hair like this and paint my nails wacky sparkles and not have to take it off before work.

INSPIRATION for you non-conservative job folk:

I used to have hair this colour.  It rocked my socks.

But then I got bored of it and went brown and now highlighted.


(Her, and the purple hair.)

Very Gaga, no?

Ombre hair sans wacky colors is also all the rage.

Images via (from top to bottom): Studded Hearts x4, Hanneli Mustaparta, Stockholm Streetstyle x 5, Refinery 29, Frida Fahrman, Yvan Rodic x2, 5 Inch and Up x3, Fashion Toast, Studded Hearts.

You know what’s kind of funny?  I had pink tips in the 9th grade.  It looked so rad.

I totally just realised I’m totally having a second teenage-hood with the tattoos, desire for insanely colored hair and fights with the parental unit.  Ha.

Note:  the key to actually pulling this off is to rock out with the hair colour, but not dress like a punky teenager (that just looks stupid, even on 16 year olds).  Dressing trendily, or even uptown, is pretty cool with crazy hair.




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March 7, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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