Aweosme shit that glitters

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I fucking love sparkly shit.  My ideal trio of awesomeness is this:  sparkles, animal print and fur.  If it was practical to dress in a combination of these three items all the time I’d totally do it.  If you know me, and some of my Dear Readers have the pleasure, then you’d know I have the wardrobe pieces to do it too ;).

What follows is a random collection of all the sparkly pics I’ve amassed over the past little while.

I just got a great/horrible idea:  navy blue totally sequined mini dress + animal print fake fur vest + 5 inch LAMB black suede stiletto heels = a fucking crazy/awesome outfit I could pull straight from my closet RIGHT NOW.

I need to throw a house party so I can rock this outfit, because there isn’t any existing social events that this outfit wouldn’t be too cool for.

Images via (from top to bottom): Natalie Off Duty, Design Love Fest, Something Navy x2, Brains and Beauty, Emerson Made, The Glamourai x3, Frassy, Columbine Smille, Fashion Squad x2, Gala Darling, Chic Muse, A Fuck A Day.






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March 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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