Good song and life update

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This song feels like the soundtrack to my life right now.

There’s been so much going on lately.  See the thing is I have three jobs (well, three part time jobs, but that still equals more than one job) and it makes life rather hectic.  Also, I have two time consuming hobbies (MMA and dance).  I haven’t even had a chance to really check out the fall collections yet, except for the reporting I get from reading other blogs.

I’m feeling a little down these days.  I love being busy (I tend to get way more done when I’m insanely busy and generally do better in life), but just everything seems to be at this odd impasse where I basically have to mark time until I can keep going.  I need to get a whole checklist of things done before I can move on.  It’ll get there, but it’s an uncomfortable place to be.

Also, I want summer.  I want to be able to feel sun on my skin again.

Also, I’m in the doghouse with the parental unit for getting a half sleeve tatt (shoulder to elbow fully wrapped around).  It’s pretty epic actually (both the tatt and the parental freakout).  They were proactive parents,  but realizing I march to my own drummer they just let me do stupid things and learn from it.  And it worked because I didn’t really fuck up in life beyond some excessive partying in high school and first year uni.  No damage that couldn’t’ be fixed.  I got through high school and actually did pretty well in uni.  I’ve got an honours degree now, the three aforementioned jobs and good career prospects for the long haul.  Also, I’m health and actually quite happy besides this current impasse.  WHAT THE FUCK LEAVE ME ALONE.  They didn’t even freak when I got my first two tatts when I was young(er) and stupid(er).  I’m just feeling the pressure is boiling over right now.  I think I’m doing great in life and that everything is peachy and they are the only people not on my side cheering me on.  It doesn’t make any sense.  I’m doing the best I’ve ever done in life and according to them everything and the tatt is fucked up like a soup sandwhich (and that’s pretty fucked up).  At least my friends are on my parade route of awesomeness.  Fuck h8erz.  GAH.

Ok, I’m done indulging myself on the WWW.  I’ma hit you with a shit-ton of the good stuff we like here at Erinoffduty:  glossy pics and commentary on pretty things and pretty ladies.  Oh, escapism.  How I love thee.




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March 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

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