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Yeah, I’m totally obsessed with fur.  I posted about how much I love fur before, but I’ve rounded up some more pictures full of hotness and fierce JUST FOR YOU.  That’s love.

The above is basically a perfect outfit, except I always tie my shoes and unbutton my shirt a little more (sexy, obviously).  That hood is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ sex $$$$$$$$!

Caroline’s fur is totally non-traditional (a bit off kilter, lightly asymetrical, sort of cave woman) AND SO FUCKING COOL.  If I was to ever buy fur I’d probably go for one like this.  Straight edge fur can be a little overdone, especially for younger women.

So uptown chic.  She just oozes high maintenance. Ha.  Sometimes I dress like this and it makes me feel so fierce (probably also repulsive to all but a few of the bravest and craziest  men – ha).

Rock and roll.

Can I just say this makes me so fucking w-e-t.  The tourban, the glasses, the makeup, the fur, the stockings, the heels, THE WALK.  Oh.  Yes.

Alright, I’m going to go take a cold shower.

Seasonally appropriate way to look KOOL.  I hate dumb bitches (who give non-dumb bitches a bad name) who wear, like, no clothes in winter and think it looks hot.  No, you look stupid and cold.


Can we just take a minute to appreciate these boots?  fuck I’d buy them in a second.

They’d probably also be $, because I’ve found anything with lots of real leather and studding is.

One more time for extra appreciation…

Cave woman fur is fierce.



BECAUSE SHE IS THE GIRLFRIEND OF MY DREAMS.  Seriously so much love.  I think I’d have a meltdown (the good kind) if I ever met her.

Photo credits (from the top): Studded Hearts x2, Caroline’s Mode, Stockholm Streetstyle, Sea of Shoes, Gala Darling, Linda Di Moda, Facehunter x3, 5 Inch and up, Columbine Smille x2.




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February 13, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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