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nightley:   “The first movie I remember seeing was a Disney version of Robin Hood with foxes. And I remember falling slightly in love with the fox playing Maid Marian, which was slightly worrying, but it’s been a trend that’s continued throughout my life. I also had a bit of a crush on Nala in The Lion King, so um, yeah, cartoons and I get on well.”  — Eddie Redmayne (T Screen Test Films)

Oh how you give me such a hard case of THE SWOONS.



For real.

Speaking of swoon-age, or a lack thereof, a personal life update:  a few (what I thought to be) pretty great weeks with M. in a proper awesomecool relationship.  Then he just started treating me not so well (to say the least).  I gave him  a chance to fix things, but he didn’t seem to want to make it better.  Having been down that road before, and having more experience and self respect than to take that shit, I dumped his ass.  It was just an all around shit situation because M. and I have been close for years and I didn’t expect that out of him.  I’m totally cool with being single, but sometimes an awesome emotional and physical connection seems like it would be a great reprieve from monotony.  I seem to be a douchebag magnet.  Le sigh.  I kid you not I’ve been with two (maybe three) people romantically my entire life who have not douched out on me.  Sad face.

Gif via I love Eddie.






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February 8, 2011 at 4:58 pm

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