What you buy when you need a “pick me up”

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Haul from a shopping trip on Sunday:  A pink animal stripe TNA BB case, an animal print dress from Urban Outfitters, the Chelsea Handler book “My Horizontal Life” and a huge pallet of H & M eye shadow.

P.s. Excuse the crap quality of the photo.  I took it on my BB.

P.p.s. I am aware the BB case is wicked tacky.  That’s the point, Bitch.  It”s hilarious.

P.p.s.  I cannot wait to wear the leopard print dress with my Fuck-Off Leather Jacket and Fierce Boots.  Capital letters required.  Or maybe my studded converse hightops.  Still a little too cold for this look though.

P.p.p.s.  This book was HILARIOUS.  Highly recommended light and ever so amusing reading.  Bonus: Chelsea Handler and her fucked up brain/life (it’s written like an autobiography and I think it is, but some of it is just too much to believe it’s true) makes me feel sooo good about myself and my stupid exploits.

P.p.p.p.s. I’m a total makeup snob and regularly drop a small fortune at Sephora, but I just had to get this pallet.  It was barely even $8.  You can’t tell from this picture as it only shows a small corner of it, but it’s actually huge and has, like, 40 shades.  Verdict:  as suspected (and as is the case with all inexpensive shadow), the colour was not highly pigmented.  This means that you have to put more on to get colour.  This can actually be considered a good thing: it’s harder to fuck it up and do makeup overload (drunk clown is never a good look).  The selection of colours was actually quite good and it went on smoothly and stayed pretty well (though I only put it on for an evening and didn’t do the ol’ “clubbing till 3am” test).  Totally worth it for $8.




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January 20, 2011 at 5:09 pm

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