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Fur!  I’ve been lusting after a fur coat for a long time.  Few and far between are fashion items that are high on the practical scale and fierce as fuck.

I’ve seen a few fur coats (fake and well priced for my just-out-of-school budget) that I really liked, but couldn’t justify it as I already have a sharp (albeit cashmere/wool) winter coat that was rather high in the $$ department.

Also, bitches let’s just keep the real/fake debate out of this.  This here is about STYLE and FUNCTION.  Yes.

Abbey Lee does always a win make.

Carine Roitfeld.  Obvs.

This is like cave person chic meets modern lady.

Oh Frida.  You always bring it.

Frida again.  Bringing it.  Obvs.

Caroline from Caroline’s Mode.  Girlfriend always brings it.  She’s been rocking the fur hard this winter.

How cool is this iteration?  So cool.

Caroline again.  I actually love this even though I tend to steer towards safer pieces.  The dash of colour is beyond chic and oddly versatile I’d imagine.

This is pure standout cool.  Pure.

I just want to rub up against this woman.  In the non creepy “I like your outfit” way.

This is casual chic gone wicked cool.  I’m going shopping this afternoon and I definitely think I’m going to look for an animal print vest.  I basically already own everything else in this outfit.

Classic cool.

Cave person chic is so fierce.  Rawr.  This is Elin Kling btw if you live under a rock.  She’s like the Swedish Goddess of Fashion (ok her and Caroline both have good arguments to that title.  I’ll put Columbine Smille in a close second as Swedish High Priestess of Fashion only because she’s less well known).

Leather and fur.  So hot right now.

I want.

More cave dweller chic.  Oh yes.

Oh yes.  Oh, oh yes.

If I stole my Mom’s new Michael Kors purse and found a wicked vintage fur jacket I could basically do exactly this look.  Which is “Erin” for “I have gold rimmed aviators and a black hat”.  Ha.

Frida again.  Hot as usual.

Oh hello.

Fur hat.  So cool.  I want.  Hmm…..perhaps this is how I could incorporate fur sans new coat.

70s chic.

I hope you’re feeling inspired loves.  Or at least less cold.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Studded Hearts, Wildfox, The Sartorialist, Hanneli, Stockholm Streetstyle, Caroline’s Mode, Caroline’s Mode, Stockholm Streetstyle, Caroline’s Mode, Stockholm Streetstyle, Stockholm Streetstyle, Stockholm Streetstyle, Lookbook, Lookbook, Elin Kling, This Is Glamorous, Voyons Voir, Le Fashion, Sea of Shoes, Frida Fahrman, Style Scrapbook, Yvan Rodic, Facehunter, Mr. Newton.





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January 16, 2011 at 11:22 am

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