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Wynter Gordon is so fierce.  I’ve had her and that new Britney Spears song “Hold it against me” (don’t judge bitch!) on repeat when I go for runs.  And for every other occasion, like when I need to drown out the sound of mediocrity.   I just can’t bring myself to embed the Brit Brit song here though.  It has no redeeming artistic qualities whatsoever.  However, Wynter Gordon can sing, so she get’s the star treatment up in my hood.  That’s how I roll.

Oh Lykke Li.  How I love thee.  The non-dance version of this song is an eargasm too.

I can’t stop with Scala and Kolancy Brothers either.  I love the original of this song, but kind of love the Puff Daddy (old school!) version more.  The lyrics are maxed out creepy though.  Just listen.  It’s all about creepy stalking love.  The most romantic kind!  Scala and Kalancy Brothers also covered Radiohead’s “Creep” for the Facebook movie song.  Good shit for the ears.

Scala is a Belgian’s girl’s choir btw.  I found this song via a Downton Abbey trailer.  That looks like some good shit and whoever thought to pair the commercial with this song obviously has their shit wired tight.

Clare Maguire has a very Annie Lennox voice (I bet she’s tired of the comparison), but the music is all her own.  Also, she’s hot and fierce.  Rawr.

I actually just found this song, so I can literally say this is what I’m listening to right now.  Youtube linked to it on Claire Maguire’s song above.  I’ve posted about Hurts before and I’m not disappointed.

One more Clare Maguire.  Because why not.

New James Blunt woo hoo.  Also, he is exceptionally pretty (same prettyness I find so appealing in Eddie Redmayne  haha).  Man, this guy is always good for a catchy tear jerker song.

Oh Adele.  How I love thee.  This song is BEYOND.  Also, Adele is mad hot.  Like MAD HOT.  Also, amazing hair.  Girl crushing so hard.

I have an insane obsession with UK talent competition alum Cher Lloyd from the most recent season.  This is her audition tape, which is all sorts of FIERCE.  I wish I was this fierce when I was 16 at any point in my life.  SPOILER ALERT:  she made it to the top four.  Amazeballs!  She reminds me a lot of Cheryl Cole (the female judge on the show, and a Brit pop star, if you live under a rock.  TOTAL  girl crush so hard).

Oh, Boy.  Boy is a German lady duo and so full of lovelyness, honesty…everything.  Swoon.







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January 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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