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In my last post in December I said I was going to do lots of posting over the holidays and had all sorts of new stuff for you fine people who, for some reason, tune in here at Erinoffduty.  Between three jobs, family, time-consuming other hobbies, holiday preparations and lover drama I got a little distracted.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter when, or if, I post come to think of it.  Ha.  Perhaps it’s just something I enjoy doing, but feel like a lazy sod if I don’t get all the stuff done that I want and need to do.  White Guilt.  Something about the Protestant Work Ethic.*

I can barely even justify writing this at all when I have a thousand other things to do this Saturday morning.  I clearly need to work on being less of a pile of oxygen wasting human garbage this year.  I keep saying I want to work on that, but perhaps I just am an oxygen wasting pile of human garbage and remedying the issue would be a fruitless pursuit.  Writing here just makes me feel good though.  I digress.

What have I been up to?  Bear with me while I make a list.  A good number of you who read this are my IRL friends, and I realize I’ve been a little MIA lately.  My apologies.

Lists help me make sense of the world.  And organize my thoughts.  Or whatever.  Disclaimer:  in no particular order of occurrence or importance.

1.   I watched Julie/Julia and it inspired me to try my first Julia Child recipe.  Beef Bourguignon.  It was awesome.  Also, a shit load of work.  I was going to read the book based on the blog, but I actually got all but one of the books I listed for xmas (Thanks Mom!), so I’ve been busy.  I’ll read it eventually, but I’ve got a hundred others to get through first.  More on that later.  I think as I go through her cookbook(s) I’m going to check off each recipe I try.  I want to get them all eventually (no time line like the actual Julie/Julia Project girl).  The movie was good if you want the gist of the story in about two hours.

2.   Lover drama.  The kind that doesn’t end in misery, but does end.  One of the very few lovers I’ve never felt like shit about.  Good old fashioned lover drama is key.  The Dad in Pride and Prejudice makes a seriously good one-liner on the subject of young love being good for a young lady’s constitution, but I don’t care enough to go look it up to quote it.  Ha.  There are few things more heart wrenching and fun.  Especially when it comes with top-shelf sex.

3.  I’m attempting to watch all the Eddie Redmayne movies ever.  More on that later.  Yes, I’m a freak.  Having teen girl-like crushes on media figures is such a relaxing, calming hobby.  It is reminiscent of simpler times when you endure such a love after the age of 18.  It can never disappoint really.  I ❤ you Eddie.

4.  Attempting to help look after Grandma.  She’s like the Energizer Bunny of Not Dying.  I feel like I’m not doing enough, even though I really don’t know what else I could do (are we seeing a pattern here?).  She doesn’t make it easy to help her out, but we’re doing our best.

5.  I got Netflix.  Enough said.  I watched a lot of movies.  More on that later.

6.  a. I realized my extensive book collection is getting neglected (double stacked – sometimes tripple stacked – four Ikea Billy bookcases full).  It was organized by topic/genre, which you’d think makes sense.  It probably caused good books to go unread because they were mixed in with books I had read.  I’d scan over whole swaths of the collection not really paying attention  and would buy new books instead of reading the ones I already have.  To remedy the situation I re-organized my book collection.  The bottom of the shelves are “have already read, so ignore but don’t give away” (I have a creepily strong attachment to my books – they are non-negotiables in my life in terms of material possessions).  The top shelves, and first priority in order of reading is “half reads”.  I didn’t realize how many books I’d half imbibed until I organized my books like this.  A few were recreational reads that I was enjoying, but didn’t finish for some reason.  Some were school books I finished enough of to get away with for seminar/essays, but didn’t have the time to actually finish (marathoning Spartacus is a legitimate excuse for an unread school book).  All but a few are actually worth finishing, so these are my priority.  The middle shelves are the “have not opened at all” section.  These will be read when I’m done the “halfers”.

6. b.  New Years Resolutions.  I always resolve to be a better person in some way or another, but as I discussed in my opening that is a fruitless time-wasting pursuit Dear Readers, so instead this year I shall attempt to make use of my brain (fine tuned with a history honours degree!) and read all the books I own.  I shall attempt to keep the purchase of new books to a minimum.  It’s just not realistic that I won’t buy any new ones.  As unrealistic as giving a crack head $5 and expecting them to buy a sandwich and not a fix.

7.  Pursuing my time-killing and sanity saving hobbies:  MMA and ballet.  Also, working out and skiing at the chalet.  Sometime fitness feels like such a fruitless pursuit.  I feel like a gerbil on a wheel going nowhere.  At least my inner gerbil is mostly sane as a result of the endorphins.

8.  I cooked my family’s Christmas morning meal all by myself.  Ok, now I’m on my way to being an actual adult.  I’ve cooked a lot lately.  Some people knit, paint or whatever.  Cooking is my art-y outlet.  I like making food pretty too.

*I’m a staunch non-believer, but was raised in a household, while not religious per say, that instilled a strong sense of cultural Protestant Work Ethic White Guilt.  Nothing is ever enough or good enough.

I’m feeling on the dark and cynical side as I write this, Dear Readers.  I’m actually not on the bad side of cranky, so don’t worry about it.

Also, I can bury my feelings in a good stiff drink tonight.  I’m being a sort-of date to a party of an old friend/lover/frenemy/I’m not really sure/why do I do this to myself?




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January 8, 2011 at 1:17 pm

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