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This weekend my Dear Friend Karen and I went out to a ballet at the Four Seasons Center here in T.O.  The headliner was “Chroma” (pictured) followed by Serenade and Emergence.  Chroma is a modern ballet set to the music of The White Stripes and it got really rave reviews.  I thought it was just ok.  I really liked the part where only guys danced together.  Swoon and drool.  I really like watching men dance together.  An overload of strength, agility and grace.   The rest wasn’t all that inspiring.  The perforance itself was really interpreative, edgy and modern (despite being dull IMHO), but the use of the music was totally classical and not in the slightest bit adventurous.  I much preferred the classic Serenade (a George Balanchine piece first performed in ’35) and Emergence (an art fag modern ballet statement about the body politic, or whatever).  Emergence was really cutting edge.  The set was like an underground bug colony and the dancers moved in a bug-like fashion.  Add in a super cool combo of electronic music, sampling of marching and other bizarre-o sounds and the orchestra = totally wicked.  Also, there was this whole part with, like, two dozen shirtless built male dancers doing some kinda bug-ballet mating ritual dance.  Karen was all googlie-eyed and like “this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen”.  Swooooon.

Although I’m a total art fag and loved it the last few minutes of the show are just a haze to me.  That’s what happens when you hit the bar before the show and at the intermission.  The eyes begin to feel saddled with lead.  We like to party.  We like, we like to party (at the ballet).

HOT TIP:  There is this super nifty deal for under 30s from the National Ballet.  You can get any ticket the day of the show for $30.  The idea is to fill in any seats still unsold while allowing the young (and probably quite destitute) to enjoy some High Culture.  Because I’m super cool like that I got on the National Ballet’s website first thing in the AM.  I found the last pair of seats together in the orchestra section (for those not as cool as me and not in the know – it’s the closest section to the stage on the ground floor and also the most $$).  Usually the day of there is only a scattering of seats here or there on this level, but I got the last seats together!  $150 seats for $30!  Win!

I’m going to make a point of going to every single ballet this season.  If you seek to aspire to how cool I am you can start by becoming one of those art fags who goes to the ballet.

Oh OH oh:  fun news time!  So my adult ballet class….we don’t usually take part in the company’s recital.  Because….well…we’re adults and the recital is really to show off to the parents of kids and teens where their hard earned class fees are going.  We adults pay our own class fees, so there is no one to care how we’re doing.  Anyways…this year my ballet class voted to be in the recital on the condition that we get to wear tutus.  LololoLOLOLlololHAHAhhaha.

Fuck yeah bitches!  I get to wear a tutu ON STAGE.  I told my parents they have to come to my recital.  Mom rolled her eyes and said something to the effect of “didn’t we get enough of dance recitals ten years ago?”  She’s totally gonna cave and come though because going to ballet recitals is just what moms do.  Wait.  I’m almost 24.  I’m not sure I even want my mamman coming to my recital this time around.  Hmmm I’ll probably invite a few friends who are going to sit in the back row getting drunk on tequila they put in water bottles and being amazed at how accomplished my dancing is laugh at what a tool I look like in a tutu.





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November 30, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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