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I’m going to interrupt the usual programming of naked women, Eddie Redmayne and art nerd shit with something a little less frivolous.  Under all the glitter and sequins I’m actually a nerd extraordinaire.

Below is the Munk Debate that happened on Friday in Toronto (represent!):  Christopher Hitchens vs. Tony Blair on religion.  To take a Paris Hilton quote totally out of context:  That’s hot. LOVES IT!

Because I love you all so dearly I’ve embedded the entire 9 part debate below:









You have to give mad props to anyone who is brave enough to debate Hitchens.  SPOILER ALERT:  Blair basically gets Hitchslapped, but he still fights a good fight.  Although his arguments, and all the arguments of his camp, are as wobbly as jello, he did the best job of anyone I’ve seen Hitchens debate.  And I’ve watched a lot of Hitchens debates.

Happy Nerding Dear Readers.




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November 30, 2010 at 12:54 pm

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