An original fangirl obsession: Tiiu Kuik

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Any somewhat consistent reader of my blog knows that this little venture of mine is basically an outlet for my fangirl obsessions.  You’ve probably become pretty well acquainted with my current lovelist *cough* Eddie *cough*.

I’ve fangirl-ed out over a lot of things here, but let’s take a minute to respect a longer-standing obsession:  Tiiu Kuik.  She’s an Estonian supermodel.  Her resume is far too extensive to go into, but if you care just google her.  Back in a high school computers class for an assignment we we had to make a website for any topic we like.  Clearly I made mine a fan site for Tiiu.  There’s something so striking about her…..otherwordly.

I thought I’d paroozed nearly all her work over the years, but a few days ago I came across this really stunning editorial I’ve never seen before.  She’s the brunette.  The lips are Tiiu to0.  For the life of me I cannot remember the other model’s name, but she’s a vision too.  Check it:

Images via Wildfox.





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November 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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