Eddie in Tess of the D’Urbervilles

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Also, I am a total freak.  I’ve reached the zenith of fangirldom.  I joined the Eddie Redmayne forum over at Eddie Redmayne Online.  Yeah, I’m that cool.

Eddie Redmayne in his version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles (2008).


You know I really did feel that the seminal 1998 version of the movie was all that was needed in terms of adapting the Thomas Hardy book.  I resisted seeing the new one until I ran out of all other “Eddie options” at the movie store.  You know what?  It was fabulous.  The new adaption definitely invaluably added to previous works and was exciting to see even though I know the story inside and out.  I highly recommend seeing both the 1998 version and the 2008 Eddie version.  Two very good interpretations!  I even cried at several points through it and I usually don’t cry the second (0r 10th time) seeing a film.  For serious.  See them both (don’t make me pick a favorite although I’m sure you can guess where I’m leaning…).

Some swoon-age for you.  The proposal scene in Eddie’s Tess:

Images via I Love Eddie Redmayne.




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