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I’ve been preparing little features about fashion-y stuff I think are FIERCE, FRESH an Oh La La.  For the past several months I’ve been gathering inspiring, on-trend or otherwise swell images from across my travels of the interwebs.  I’ve been compiling them into themed posts that I’ll be posting over the next little while with some commentary.  Animal print is a clear first choice for a wee series of fashion features.

Behold:  Anna Dello Russo.  She’s the Editor-at-Large and creative consultant for Vogue Nippon.  She’s also one hella fierce fox.  Homegirl doesn’t do subtle.

Sexy, yet understated, wearable and oh so cool.  Revealing the back and covering everything else in a swath of fierceness.

Alexa Chung.  Clearly cool.

More of Anna Dello Russo being Her Highness of Fierceness.

A really nice iteration of zebra.  I find the pattern often looks cheap or tacky and is certainly a lot harder to incorporate into outfits except in very small doses.

When I was last in Italy and in a town that specialized in silk production I bought so many scarves it was disgusting.  Most of it was animal print obviously.  Hands down the easiest way to add interest to an outfit (and I love it when men do it too!).

Animal and leather in harmony: oh hellz yeah.

Fierce!  So classic and understated, yet so bold, sexy and strong.  Giant win.

This one is like a quadruple whammy of awesome: animal print scarf, legs, cool footwear and leather.  Yeaaah.

Animal, leather, studs…..LEATHER FUCKING PANTS.  Yeah.

Oh Caroline Feber.  You’re so cool.  Girlcrush so hard.

I have no objection to this much animal.  Rawr.

This outfit turns me on.  Light and airy animal print blouse, tough-ass leather skinny pants and “see you in hell” heels.  Mmmm.

Stands out in a crowd.


My close second favourite animal print-ized item next to scarves is the blouse.  I find 99% of animal-printed bags look cheap.  Uck.

Animal print + side boob = win.

Lovely Italian fashionista Giovanna.  An unusual iteration of animal: a zebra pattern done with browns added in.  Really good idea for doing zebra sans-aforementioned propensity for failure.

Ah the lovely Swede Frida Fahrman rocking it.

Animal print + sidebun = win.

Check out those heels!  Oh yeaaah mmm.

Frida rocking the coffee run.  Why do I talk about these women like I know them?  I guess that’s what happens when you read someone’s blog daily for years.

Giovanna being fierce (again).

Another really cool iteration of the pattern.  I tend to be partial to animal print in browns, but this looks neat-o.

DOUBLE ANIMAL PRINT.  It actually works because everything else in her outfit is understated.  True story:  I saw a lady at the grocery store doing the same double whammy – animal blouse and jacket – and it looks surprisingly cool.  You’d think it wouldn’t work, but it does.

Closeup of the hot.

More animal scarf.  Have I proven to you how win they are yet?  Also, I don’t care how hipster the top-of-head bun is, I lovvveeee it.


This picture reminds me of the cafes and restaurants in Budapest, which is why I felt the need to save it and post it.  Also, animal print skirt = win.

More of Karla rocking it.  Fierce. Pose. Flash. Yes.  Fab-u-lous.

Another double whammy of it – scarf and blouse this time.  This one works because the patterns are in a similar, non clashing color scheme, yet the scale differs enough to break up the potential monotony of so much of it.

I think colours of animal print that wouldn’t be on real animals looks cheap and tacky and reeks of Hot Topic or (the bad parts of) Forever 21.  The above serves as a warning against what I deem to be a high risk fashion situation.  All that being said, I do think the photo is really awesome.

What an awesome snapshot of a single moment in fierceness.

Totally tricky to do animal pants, but well done here.

My (imaginary) girlfriend Columbine Smille.  I HAVE THE SAME BLOUSE THEREFORE I AM COOL TOO.

I love the mix of patterns and colours for the jacket, blouse, skirt and bag (I’d go super understated on the shoes and glasses though).  They’re all in different patterns, but it works because the colour family doesn’t stray too far.  Be creative loves!

Just so cool.  That is all I have to say.

What an easy and comfortable, yet so chic outfit!  Yessssss.

Well Dear Readers I do hope I’ve given you plenty of animal ideas.  Go forth and multiply.  Or.  Uh.  Go buy a scarf or something.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Anna Dello Russo, Studded Hearts, Studded Hearts, Anna Dello Russo, Studded Hearts, If You Seek Style, Stockholm Streetstyle, Stockholm Streetstyle, Stockholm Streetstyle, Caroline’s Mode, Caroline’s Mode, This Is Glam, Altamira: Models Off Duty, The Blonde Salad, The Blonde Salad, Vanessa Jackman, Karla’s Closet, Jak and Jil, Frida Fahrman, Frida Fahrman, Frida Fahrman, Frida Fahrman, Style Scrapbook, Anywho, Gademode, Gademode, Yvan Rodic, Yvan Rodic, Karla’s Closet, L’Express (?), Jak and Jil, Fashion Squad, Columbine Smille, The Glamourai, Vanessa Jackman, Vanessa Jackman, Vanessa Jackman.




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