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One of my favorite things ever is cooking for other people (I find it hard to summon the drive to spend hours in the kitchen just for myself).  Some people have music or other art forms as a release.  Cooking is my therapeutic creative outlet.

You can’t see much of the kitchen from this pic, but you just get the idea that it’s FABULOUS.  Yeah yeah.

Over here at Casa de Erin Off Duty we just completed a renovation on the kitchen.  Brand spanking new.  The whole old one was ripped out and totally redone.  We’re reno-ing other parts of the house too – that’s not done yet though.  I love new and/or awesome kitchens!

Dream kitchen: reno’d kitchen in an old home/manor house/castle so there’d be both a massive fireplace, baking ovens, huge ancient kitchen table work surface etc. plus new state of the art amenities.

I’m going to stop this random kitchen ramble now…

Image via Atlantis Home.




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November 25, 2010 at 10:23 am

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