Spring/Summer 2011 Favourites: Bottega Vaneta

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For those of you who live under rocks, the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show season is almost coming to a close after sweeping through New York, London, Milan, Paris and dozens of other cities around the world.  I don’t usually do fashion show coverage.  There is so much to cover I haven’t even tried to keep up with it in the past.  Because I’m a vapid fashion obsessed ho, I’ve clearly been following the shows from the start and I really should have gotten on the bandwagon earlier.  However, Iwanted to wait to write about it until most of the shows were through so I could really survey the season and decide what’s actually important to show.  To make coverage manageable, and enjoyable for you Dear Readers, I’m just going to serenade you with my favorite looks from the collections that speak to me.

Moving on.  Bottega Vaneta.  I’ve been in love with the brand since I discovered it while it was being revamped under the brilliant German designer Tomas Maier.   It’s a house most known for it’s quality dreamy leather goods and under him expanded into a more prominent place with apparel.  One of my goals in life, next to finding happiness, a successful career and a family of my own, is to one day be able to buy my own Bottega bag with my own money. We all have to dream big, Dear Readers.  Bottega Vaneta is wearable and timeless, yet ever-modern,  luxury Dear Readers, and I appreciate that in a fashion house.




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September 30, 2010 at 7:21 am

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