Late summer long dresses

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I’ve been meaning to post this collection of images for a while now, but for whatever reason I haven’t gotten around to it until this morning.  It occurs to me the season is a-changin’, so if I want to post this and have it be relevant I had to get it up now.  I’ve noticed a lot of long dresses all over the blogs this summer, which is rather refreshing after what seems like ages of super short styles.  There is a certain formality that is almost intimidating about a long dress.  I kept seeing them in stores and swooning being all like “omg it’d be like being in a Jane Austin novel to wear that!” and then being all worried I wouldn’t get wear out of it because it’s just too formal for everyday life.  Well, fuck it I say, life is too short to not be FAB-U-LUSSsS.  I saw a gaggle of girls at Sephora all wearing lovely long dresses and it looked fab, fresh and cool (true story).

Feast your eyes, complete with comments that emanated from my brain before my third cup of coffee this fine morning (so basically they are bags of awesome).

Via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Via Tales of Endearment

Via Columbine Smille.  I’d go gay forever for this woman.  True story.

Via Studded Hearts.  I HAVE THOSE STUDDED CONVERSE SHOES IN BLACK.  Therefore, I am cool like this girl.  Ok, her look is a little too hipster for me, but it’s so damn cool I’ll let her pass.

Via Fashion Toast.  Romantical.

Via Frida Fahrman.  Can I just note that this woman looks like how I’d picture a wise and all powerful goddess to look like (if they existed, that is).  She’s basically amazing.  Girl crushing so hard.

Via Zanita Zanita.  She’s Princess Bride hot, but kickass and more cool.

Via Song of Style.  This is totally what the tooth fairy looks like, but life sized.

Via Stockholm Streetstyle.  A minimalist approach to an otherwise princess-y style. Nice interpretation.

Via Hanneli.  Fierce.  Rawr.

Via Studded Hearts.  Glamarama.




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September 22, 2010 at 8:20 am

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