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One of my most clear early memories of my Hungarian grandmother is boozing with her and her other old Hungarian friends on their dock at the cottage.  When I was a kid I’d spent several full weeks up at Grandma Klara’s cottage every year.  We’d walk the road or peddle boat across the lake to her friend’s place (all of them were refugees of ’56).  They had these small glasses – not quite shot glasses, not quite real cups – and they’d fill them with vodka and an ice cube.  They’d give me a little glass that was mostly ice, but some booze in it (they were European, ok).  We’d bring the pull out deck chairs from the cottage veranda and onto the dock and sit there in the late afternoon summer sun chatting away the afternoon with heat on our faces and in our throats.  Sometimes when I got bored of trying to figure out what they were talking about – they’d switch back and forth between Hungarian and English – I’d paddle around in the water not sure why I felt a little silly (the vodka, you dumb ass kid).  Though usually I’d stay on deck.  Even a glass of ice cube with a little vodka didn’t give me the bravery to not be convinced the were were goons and other creatures in the depths of that lake.

Photo via English Russia




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August 18, 2010 at 1:09 pm

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