White Short Shorts

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Aviators are really the only way to go with white short shorts, Dear Readers.  They’ve been doing their thing for a while, but are still a very relevant sunglass style right now and going forward.

A blouse takes white short shorts from “summer camp circa 1995” (if one was to do this with a t shirt and flippy-floppies) to “for every woman, at all times, and for most occasions save for the formal, forever”.  Just wear real shoes/sandals with it that are made of brown or tan leather or Sperry Topsider boat shoes.

When I headed over to The Sartorialist about 10 seconds ago to copy and paste the address to linky-link for this post I saw he had, literally, just posted this lovely image of a (gasp!) 16 year old girl (gasp!) wearing a classic, well put together look that (gasp!) covers her body and (gasp!) looks fucking amazing.  One could literally rock this from the age of zero to 110.  I’m not sure if they are loose shorts or actually a skirt, and they’re certainly not shorty short anything, but these totally count in an “awesome white bottoms” post.

Come to think of it American Apparel has been pushing this look hard lately.  They’re deeply steering away from their ridiculous tiringly over sexualized hipster vibe that originally capitulated the brand to notoriety.

Behold, Zanita in their current Classic Girl line ads:

I’m seriously considering adding more of this WASPy look into my (already pretty WASPy) style.  I own a pair of Sperry Topsider boat shoes for chrissakes.

I had rather written off American Apparel as too hipster pour moi for quite a while except for the basics (shut up Cara, I know you’re shitting yourself laughing rightaboutnow), but I think I might give their Classic Girl line a try-try next time I’m in the market for new swag.

Ya know….I think I might do an American Apparel review sometime soon.  Their (very refreshing) major direction change as a brand really deserves a review.  I digress.

Back to the namesake of this post!

White short shorts (or, err, bottoms of indiscernible type of white-coloured awesome), laid back, but rich-looking classic (rather WASPy) style and a tan is a sexy-as-all-hell solution for all.  If you’re going to do this, Dear Readers, August is the time.

Formula for success:  add pearl/diamond/basic spherical gold studs, a man-style classic metal watch in silver and gold, the aforementioned real shoes/sandals, minimal makeup and well manicured nails, bouncy, but relaxed long hair and a pool boy/resort waiter named Juan.

Just don’t sit on anything and make sure to change your tampons with regularity.  Just sayin’.

UPDATE @ 10:52am:


Ok I’m sold.  I need a pair of white bottoms, too.

The top and bottom “white shorts” image via The Sartorialist and the middle image by Stockholm Streetstyle.  The Classic Girl ad is pulled from American Apparel’s website.



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July 28, 2010 at 10:39 am

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