In love and rejection

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In the past day two of my favorite bloggers have posted about the state of their personal lives.  Bryan Boy shared a quite touching annecdote of the yet-unnamed darling who loves him despite himself and it all.  Olivier Zahm, of Purple Magazine, told us about his love who just left him for another man.   I don’t want to try to paraphrase or quote right out, so go have a read for yourself.

The top three images are from Bryan Boy’s post and the final is from a google search of pics of now ex-lovers Natacha Ramsay and Olivier Zahm.  I really wanted to use the photo he posted on his blog in relation to the story, but it cannot be right clicked and saved in a format I can re-post, so go have a look for yourself.

These stories really touched me because I’ve been there and felt these feelings, so much so I felt the need to pass it on.  People’s lives soar and plummet all the time and these are portraits of the experience of real life.

I also really like it when men talk about their feelings.  What a novel concept.

UPDATE @ 5:37pm:  Apparently I was way too much of a softie in regards to Olivier’s admittedly rather melodramatic breakup posting. Guest of a Guest and Refinery 29 skewered him for his “absurdly humorous” posting about it and “most emo breakup ever”.  Their criticisms of him do have merit, but I just feel for how feels, regardless of the details.  He is a totally over the top and ridiculous guy, but everyone has the right to feel pain.  I don’t even feel his post about it was out of line.  He seemed to present the details honestly, even though it did not put him in a good light, and didn’t portray Natacha badly.



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July 28, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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