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Yesterday I went out in pursuit of a new bottle of my one and only perfume – Cacharel’s Amor Amor.  I first bought it when I was sixteen at the Duty Free at the airport in Geneva.  You know when you smell a perfume and it makes you think about love and sex and a beautiful life?  And it smells like what you want to be and what you are now at the same time?  When it just fits you like it always knew you?  That’s the one.  I knew it was me at first scent.  And it’s remained me nearly eight years later.

I have something really bad to admit.  I’ve literally only ever had one bottle of this.  The same bottle.  I used it consistently over the years, but I suppose not enough to actually totally finish the bottle.  I couldn’t wear it for work and never bothered at school, so that left it just for special occasions.  It held its scent really well for a very, very long time.  Recently I found that the scent has been waning in strength very quickly and I knew I finally had to go out and buy myself a new one.  I don’t know why I never replaced it in so long.  I didn’t even realize how long it’s been until I just counted up the years since I was in that Duty Free in Switzerland.

I checked several department stores before a sales lady at The Bay told me that Amor Amor had long since been made unavailable in North America.  I literally shrieked in dismay and sadness in the middle of the store.  She tried to sell me another brand, but I was having none of it.  I have philandered with other scents before this one came into my life.  McQeen’s Kingdom is lovely.  Some ladies have several different perfumes which they pull out for different occasions.  I’m not necessarily opposed to this and perhaps I’ll explore it if I ever found another perfume that makes me feel like Amor Amor does.

For now I want only this one.   I just can’t believe it’s not sold here anymore.  I’m going to have to do some digging here and abroad to purchase another.

Update:   I randomly found another bottle walking through Shoppers Drug Mart!  YES YES YES.  I asked the sales lady about it and she said they thought they were not getting another shipment again of it, but randomly they got sent a small box of it.  Yesssssss.



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July 25, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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